Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A New Start

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to write a brief letter to re-introduce myself to the blog world.

I have previously blogged as part of a few team blogs, mostly with a blogger named Julian Blue. I blogged as Liz Green. When the integrity of those blogs seemed in question, I stopped blogging at them. I did have a solo blog as Liz for a while, but I got promoted to management at my job and could not keep blogging. Unfortunately, my association and friendship with Julian Blue has ended, so now I am giving it a go on my own. I chose a different name because people have come to expect certain things from Liz Green, and I want this blog to be different.

I always felt like a lot of the posts on my previous blogs evolved from negativity. I want this one to be positive. I do a lot of creative things, so I want this blog to reflect that. Some of you have the most beautiful photos, etc. That is what I am trying to do here. Unfortunately, as a city girl, I don't have a chance to grow a garden or flowers, but I do enjoy them.

Zee, that's how I found your blog--I already knew it was there. I have always loved your beautiful photography and your keen wit.

So, welcome everyone to my new blog, and I hope you'll come back often. I hope to make this a positive place that people like to visit.

Take care and have a great day,

PS--someone commented on the template. I got it at They have hundreds of great templates and will give you the html code to put in the edit field on blogger. It's pretty easy.