Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poet Laureate

Almost everyone with even a passing familiarity with Lindsay has come to know his verse. His poetry appears intermittently at his blog, Lindsay's Lobes, as well in the comment sections of various sites he visits. Always pleasant to see a bit of verse in the comments, you know.

So, we here are Shakespeare's Cousin, which in this case means myself acting unilaterally, have determined to recognize the poet Lindsay Byrnes as our poet laureate.

And to Lindsay, I present to you this wreath of laurel:

Well done.


And here you can see our poet laureate at a few of his more colorful moments.


lindsaylobe said...

G&S was oft the score
Grand Inquisitor I recall
Noble strength he doth impart
Until revelations – alas!
Complications unprecedented
Royal nurse’s truth sublime
Barataria’s king so crowned

Best wishes

Mercutio said...

Thank you, Lindsay.
I really like the photo of the cavalry uniform; but apparently, some dashing, handsome young fellow was standing right in the way of Lindsay Byrnes at the time the photo was snapped.

Frankly, I've come to a greater appreciation of this style of singing, where the voice is so up front. The arrangement tends to be the more traditional voice/accompaniment than what I'm accustomed to, which is the vocals being one of many voices within the arrangement. It's a very different thing for the musicians (we will no longer play this in E because that's where the chords fit, but you will make the chords fit in Bb), but a very different thing for the singers as well.

As a side note, I was recently pressed into giving a short performance. There was an awkward moment (how I know them well!) where I was standing there looking around and wondering what to play. Standard procedure in such cases tells me, when in doubt, shut up. So, without saying a word, I played the first thing that came to mind, "Now I'm Here," by Queen. Unfortunately, I didn't remember the words later in the song as well as I did the ones toward the beginning.
So, I listened to the recording later to remind myself of the words, and I found that I actually gave a better performance than what was on the recording. I was down-tuned by a full step. But when I can say that I sound better than that guy, and "that guy" happens to be Freddie Mercury, I feel very good about myself. My voice just has more body to it, and it well-suited to the piece.
He did remember the words better than I did though.

You still sing on occasion?